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Tips & Advice

A guide to hair extension training course methods

Studio 58 offer hair extension training courses for six different hair extension methods. These are the most popular hair extension methods currently available. However, it can be easy to get confused between the different options as there are so many methods and techniques, so this article aims to provide an overview of the different courses that we offer.

There are two key categories of hair extensions: strand-by-strand and wefts. Studio58 offers three strand-by-strand methods (micro rings, nano rings and pre-bonded hot fusion) and three weft methods (tape hair extensions, micro ring weft and sew in braidless weft). This article looks at each of these six methods.

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Your career as a hair technician

Starting your career as a hair extension technician is a popular way of gaining more freedom with your time, having the opportunity to work where you want and choose your own working hours. We offer some tips to consider when setting your career in hair extensions.

Being your own boss offers up many options to you: a hair extension technician can be self-employed, work part time or freelance: running your own salon, renting a space, working from home or running a ‘mobile salon’. Going mobile has the added benefit of reducing your overheads, and not having to deal with the burden of renting premises.

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Methods of hair extension

Our love affair with hair extensions continues to grow, but going longer can be a big step and quite a commitment. Getting the result that you want depends on the type of hair extension and the system used to apply them. But how do you figure out which extension method is right for you?

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What to look out for when getting hair extensions

Actresses, singers and models have been using hair extensions for years to enhance their tresses, and as celebrity beauty secrets are more readily revealed through social media and glossy magazines, the use of extensions has filtered down to the general public.

We've all seen examples of the good, the bad and the ugly hair extensions, but what's the truth? The whole purpose of hair extensions is to enhance your hair, and done properly there is no reason your hair would get damaged. Take a look at our advice to help you decide.

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