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What are Ombre Hair Extensions?

by studio58hairextensions Admin |

Hair extensions are by far the most advanced method of adding instant length, volume, shine and colour to your look. When you choose Ombre hair extensions , you have the option of combining two colours in a way that looks natural, life-like, yet amazingly breathtaking. Even better, they involve zero pain, minimal effort to maintain, and save you years of waiting for your hair to grow!

Ombre hair extensions can be fitted to your existing hair using a variety of methods. The latest hair extension technology used by professionals includes Micro Ring extensions and Pre-Bonded hair extensions . Because they are by far the most advanced techniques available, they offer a lot more in terms of durability than other methods, such as weft extensions and clip-in extensions. Studio 58 Hair Extensions’s Micro Ring Ombre hair extensions are an example of how far hair extension techniques have come, as they can be quickly and easily fitted without the use of any chemicals or heat. This makes them as safe as they are resilient and long-lasting.  

How to choose colours for your Ombre hair extensions

Your Ombre hair extensions top colour is the colour that will be closer to the root of your natural hair, and a popular choice is a tone that is close to your current shade. At Studio58, we offer 27 professional coloured hair extensions to choose from, so if you’re a natural brunette, you may want to consider something like our delicious Chocolate Brown, succulent Golden Brown, or a glamorous Dark Brown. Whatever you choose, your Ombre top colour will blend seamlessly and gradually using balayage into a beautiful Ombre bottom colour of your choice, so you can create whatever look you love!

Auburn and blonde shades are in incredible demand as Ombre bottom colours in 2018, thanks to A-list celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, and especially Beyoncé, who’s looked fantastic with Ombre hair extensions for years. If you’re thinking of working Beige Dark Blonde, a warmer Strawberry Blonde, or a deep Burgundy note into your Ombre hair extensions, Studio58 has these too!

Will people know that I’m wearing hair extensions?

One of the key pros of both Micro Ring Ombre Hair Extensions and Pre-Bonded Ombre hair extensions is that these techniques make it unbelievably difficult for other people to tell that it’s not your real hair! Because the former uses minuscule rings to attach your extensions, they are incredibly difficult to detect, and with Pre-Bonded Ombre hair extensions, your new hair is fitted strand by strand to create the same realistic effect.

Even better, the gradual balayage technique and foil-free colouring effect of Ombre hair extensions will completely avoid the stripy looks that you can get with poorly done highlights. Rather, you’ll have a flawless, multi-toned glossy effect that looks entirely natural.

Lastly, if you choose Remy hair for your Ombre hair extensions, such as the ones we offer at Studio58, you’ll be wearing 100 percent real, healthy, strong, human hair. No clips, weaves, or any of the awkwardness that synthetic hair can create when it falls out over time. We offer thick, lustrous Indian Remy hair and soft yet resilient Russian Remy hair , which are miles superior to synthetic versions.

Aren't hair extensions tricky to look after?

Not at all! Ombre hair extensions are among the most stunning, fashionable styles we've seen in years, yet a few simple tricks are enough to guarantee that your new locks stay as fabulous as the day they were fitted. A gentle, soft brush such as our hair extensions detangle brush is important, as is a paraben- and sulphate-free hair extension shampoo and conditionerthat won't break down your new colour or leave any unwanted residues behind. The first will keep your hair from exposure to undue force or get into a pesky mess, while the second will help retain your professionally-tinted Ombre colour at its original lustre.

When styling, it's essential to protect your new Ombre hair extensions from heat, as doing so can make it last months longer before you need to get new ones fitted. We, therefore, suggest that you use a professional hair extensions heat protection serum when using hair dryers on a hot setting, curling with wands or tongs, or straightening your hair with irons. Last but definitely not least, it's vital to rehydrate your hair at least once a week with a special hair extension weekly reviver treatment , as doing so will prevent it from becoming lifeless or dull in the dry air.