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Tape Hair Extensions - What You Need To Know

by Matt Kloiber |

The tape hair extensions method is fast becoming one of the most popular hair extension methods, and for good reason.

Suitable For All Hair Types

Unlike some hair extension methods, tape hair extensions are suitable for all hair types. Whether your, or your clients hair, is fine, medium thickness or very thick anyone can have tape hair extensions fitted.

Great Volume & Thickness

Tape hair extensions are great for creating volume and thickness, which means if you have lots of layers, a blunt cut or a bob and you want hair extensions - then tape extensions is perfect for you. Please remember though, for seamless blending of the hair extensions with your own hair they will need to be blended and styled by a qualified professional after the extensions have been fitted.

Fast To Fit

Maybe you are used to sitting for 3 or more hours having your hair extensions fitted, or you are a professional technician who offers other methods and want something that does not always have you on your feet for hours at a time.

Tape hair extensions are perfect for this, as a full head fitting can be completed in as little as just over an hour!

So, as a client you are in and out of your fitting in no time and if you are a technician you can do more fittings in a day - which means greater earning potential for you.

Take A Look At Our Taster Video For An Overview Of The Tape Method



Easy To Maintain

Nobody really enjoys having to have maintenance appointments, whether you are a client or a technician, but they are essential to both get the best from your hair extensions and also to maintain the health of your own hair. 

With the tape method maintenance is fast and easy, and good quality tape hair extensions can be re-used over and over again if they are cared for correctly.

Here at Studio58 we offer fully accredited tape hair extensions courses via our hugely popular online courses and we also retail beautiful double drawn Russian/Mongolian tape extensions in 23 popular colours