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Pre Bonded Fusion Hair Extensions - Are They Right For You?

by Matt Kloiber |

The pre bonded fusion hair extensions method (also known as u tip or nail tip hair extensions) remains one of, if not THE most popular hair extension methods.

It Is Versatile

Of all the hair extension methods, this one offers the most versatility when it comes to fitting the hair. The keratin tip bonds can even be split in half to make tiny bonds that are then not visible even in places where the clients hair may not cover the full size bonds as well.

With this method, as long as the fitting has been done correctly, you can wear your hair in any style you wish without the tell tale bonds being visible.

A Bad Reputation?

Hair extension methods such as this, where heated tools are used during the application process, can often get a reputation for being damaging to the clients hair. But.....fitted correctly by a qualified professional, maintained correctly AND removed by a professional there is NO reason why this method will cause any damage to a persons own natural hair

Long Lasting

This method requires regular maintenance appointments like any other method, but a fitting done well by a professional should see very few strands lost between maintenance appointments

How Are They Fitted?

 Studio58 offer beautiful pre bonded Russian hair extensions in 23 popular colours. So if this seems like the method for you, take a look at our Russian pre bonded hair.