Hair extensions are loved all around the world for increasing the fullness and length of your hair, which has the ability to change your style and appearance instantly. While a lot of people already know what hair colour and type of hair extensions they would like, a common question that is asked is about how you decide the length of your extensions.

This is an important question to ask before buying hair extensions; you don’t want to randomly select a length to find out they aren’t what you were looking for. A few inches can make all the difference to your style. Plus, let’s not forget that good quality hair extensions are an investment; you want to make sure you make the right choice the first time around.

At Studio58, we have a range of hair extension lengths available. From Medium Brown 16 inch Indian Remy to Light Gold Blonde 20 inch Virgin Russian, there is something for everyone. All you have to know is which one you are looking for.

The truth is, we can’t tell you what exact length you should go for. This will be your own personal preference. But, there are a few factors that we can suggest to help guide you towards the best length for you. By thinking about these aspects prior to your purchase, you can make the right decision that you will be happy with.


Where the Hair Lies

Before selecting your hair extension length, you should think about where the hair will sit on your body. Your own height will be major factor in selecting the perfect hair extensions. For example, a woman that is tall may look better with 20 inch hair extensions that will look in proportion to her body, while a shorter lady may prefer hair that is slightly less in length, such as 16 inch hair extensions. It can also depend on your individual body shape and where the hair extensions will sit on you. You would be surprised how the same lengths can look so different on various people. The most important thing is that your extensions look at natural as possible, blending in with your own hair.

A general guide to follow is that 16 inch hair extensions typically lies on the chest when they are pulled forward, whereas 18 inch hair extensions will just reach the middle of your back. The slightly longer 20 inch hair extensions will sit on the lower back, nearer to your waistline.

Of course, the length you choose is going to be different depending on where they are attached. To see where hair extensions will lie, the length should be measured just above the back of the neck and the downward length.


Your Hairstyle

The style you are trying to create will often play a part in what hair extensions you should select. If you like a curl and wave style, you have to bear in mind that this can lift your hair up by a few inches. Hair extensions are fitted when they are straight, but after styling they will appear slightly shorter with a curly bounce.

So, if you still want a longer length, it is best to go for a longer size that you initially think to accommodate this style. Of course, the same applies if you use straighteners on your hair; you can expect your style to appear slightly longer. For example, if you have 20 inch hair extensions that are straightened, this will sit on your lower back. But, if this hair is styled to have curls, then your hair extensions will just reach the lower back. Again, a few inches can make all the difference.


Accounting for a Trim

A lot of people that use heat styling tools on their hair extensions or change their style regularly, look to trim off the dead ends. While cutting your extensions isn’t normally recommended, if you are thinking about doing this, you will need to take this into account when you are selecting your hair extension length. Choosing a longer length will allow you to create the style you are looking for and account for a trim, without going shorter than you would want.

Of course, there are ways you can protect your hair extensions and prevent the need to trim the ends altogether. By using a detangle brush, you can make sure you don’t cause any breakages and keep hair knot-free. Using a leave-in protein spray can also help to restore moisture to your extensions to prevent dry ends. If you use heating tools a lot, such as hairdryers, straighteners and curlers, simply using a heat protection serum will prevent heat damage.