Everyone loves the free-flowing and luscious style that hair extensions create. There is something to make everyone look beautiful! But, when you go to choose the hair extensions that you would like, you soon realise there are lots of options to choose from; it can be different to know what the differences are and what one is for you.

So, let’s have a look at u-tip hair extensions and i-tip hair extensions so you can choose the method that is right for you!


U-Tip Hair Extensions

U-tip hair extensions are one of the most popular methods you can get and for a good reason! Often nicknamed hot fusion or pre-bonded hair extensions, this method gets its name from the u-shaped curve at the tip. What makes these great is that they are suitable for all hair types and are especially good for those clients that have finer and thinner hair. This is because the bonds are small and discreet and since it uses a strand by strand method, you can attach the hair extensions very close to the hairline. This will mean that the hair blends in perfectly with your natural hair for long and voluminous locks all year round!

U-tip hair extensions, are pre-tipped with keratin and they are applied using a heat connector fitting tool. Before you can fit the hair extensions, the natural hair must be clean and free from everyday products. The hair should be freshly washed with a pre-fitting clarifying shampoo, but no conditioner. This will allow perfect application and make sure there are no damaging chemicals on your hair. The keratin is fused with the natural hair, which creates a secure and long lasting bond. To remove these hair extensions, this will require a professional so that you don’t damage your natural hair. They will use a hair extension remover for Italian keratin spray.

At Studio58, we use 100 per cent virgin Russian and Indian Remy for our u-tip hair extensions, which creates flawless long locks. In addition, we also use the best Italian keratin, which is a protein that is found in your natural hair. This ensures there is no damage. You can choose from 16, 18 and 20 inches lengths and from a variety of colours and shades. For example, our pre-bonded Indian Remy 16 inch Jet Black hair extensions are stunning! The hair is double drawn for thickness from root to tip and the jet black colour is shiny and healthy. With the correct care, these amazing grade 5A hair extensions can last for more than six months!


I-Tip Hair Extensions

One of the newest methods to hit the hair extension market is i-tip hair extensions. With natural and gorgeous results, people love them! These are created with hair strands that are glued together at the tip and are simple to fit without using any heating tools on your natural hair. This means no risk of damage! While these i-tip hair extensions can be used on a variety of hair types, they are best for people with average or thicker hair, so that the rings can be discreet.

To fit i-tip hair extensions, a professional will use a pulling tool that takes your hair through a small micro ring. This is then compressed with the i-tip hair extensions using pliers. This will keep them nice and secure! For a full head of hair extensions, this method will take around two to three hours to complete. But, with an easy removal method, there should be no damage to your natural hair.

At Studio58, we have beautiful i-tip hair extensions with a colour and shade for everyone! We use the best Virgin Russian and Indian Remy hair for our extensions, which means that you can boast healthy and 100 per cent real hair extensions. You can also choose the length you desire, from 16, 18 and 20 inches available online. In particular, a popular choice with customers is our micro ring Virgin Russian 20 inch medium brown hair extensions. The hair is great for creating lush and voluminous hair and the rings are lightweight and will remain discreet once they are fitted. With the correct care, these i-tip hair extensions can last for up to three years! All you need to use is a hair extension shampoo and conditioner, as well as a leave in protein spray to keep the hair moisturised and healthy. Of course, this will also make the hair appear sleek and shiny! It is not about pampering your hair extensions; it is all about treating your hair extensions like you would your natural hair.