Hair extensions have been around for centuries but we’ve made some serious steps forward over time! People have been wearing hair extensions as a way to add voluptuous waves, silky thickness, and breathtaking length for thousands of years. In fact, the Ancient Egyptians were the first recorded civilisation to decorate themselves with human hair. As early as 3300BC, Egyptian men and women were using hair extensions and wigs to protect themselves from the sun and dust, to look beautiful, for burial, and even to avoid lice!

Cleopatra is among the most famous of queens to have sported extensions, and it’s believed that she was a great fan of colour, with peacock blue being her favourite. Even regular citizens of ancient Egypt have been found wearing gold, blue, and red hair extensions, often made from both human hair and sheep wool and fitted with animal fat, resin, and beeswax. Depending on their status in society, later Egyptians would adorn themselves with braids, twists, and knots accordingly.

A little further forward in time, hair extensions stopped being about colour for a while, and more about massive volume- vertical volume, to be specific. While King Louis XIII of France was making ‘peruke’ wigs popular amongst French 18 th Century nobility, the women of France were powdering their hair and using hair extensions alongside perfumes to complete their looks. In the latter half of the 1800s, hundreds of hair growers, collectors, and traders were earning their livings in the industry, which was demanding up to 12,000 pounds of human hair a year for wigs and extensions across the US and Europe.

The 80s and 90s of last century saw human hair extensions grow massively in popularity, especially those of the clip-in, hair extensions weft and tape varieties . Splashes of colour were intensely popular, from pastel pink and pastel purple to electric blues, with celebrities such as Christie Brinkley, Christina Aguilera, and Victoria Beckham making them even more so.

Fast forward another decade or two and the industry has developed much more advanced techniques so that we can enjoy natural, healthy, life-like human hair. The popularity of Remy hair , pristine Virgin Russian , and Luxury Mongolian hair extensions in more recent years has made it possible for us to enjoy soft, silky locks that look completely realistic while adding voluminous waves and extensive length instantly. Even better, cutting-edge fitting methods such as Micro Ring hair extensions and Pre-Bonded hair extensions have put easy styling and a vast array of colour and style options at our fingertips.

Micro Ring and Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Micro Ring hair extensions are without a doubt the cutting-edge of hair extensions techniques. This involves absolutely no exposure of your natural or new hair to heat, chemicals, or unnecessary potential damage. Like the name suggests, Micro Ring extensions like the ones in our Studio58 ombre hair extension custom range use a tiny ring to keep your ombre locks in place. So yes, we’ve come a long way from animal fat and resin!

Pre-Bonded hair extensions are another popular fitting method that uses keratin to bind each separate strand of your extensions to your natural hair, making it one of the most durable techniques on the market. At Studio58, we offer over 27 different shades of Pre-Bonded hair extensions alone, from Burgundy to Bleach Blonde and Dark Auburn .

Are hair extensions difficult to style?

Without a doubt, both Micro Ring and Pre-Bonded hair extensions can be styled, and easily, too! When you choose hair extensions there is no better way to show them off than by curling them into voluptuous, rolling waves or straightening your hair to a sleek sheen. If you really want your hair extensions to last, though, it’s critical that you protect both the colour and natural structure of your extensions from heat, rough mechanical forces such as brushing and the overall dryness of the atmosphere.

Starting with washing and de-tangling, we as professional stylists always recommend that our clients use a hair extension shampoo and conditioner that has been made without parabens or sulphates, as these chemicals may degenerate your fresh hair. Do also use a gentle and soft-bristled hair extension detangle brush that will not put undue pressure on your tresses when all you're trying to do is keep it manageable!

It's also critical that you treat your hair to a conditioning and rehydrating session once in a while, to nourish it after it has been exposed to the elements. We recommend our salon-grade hair extensions weekly reviver treatment as a luxurious way to add back the natural moisture, bounce, and shine that can disappear naturally in the dry air. Lastly, while styling is absolutely recommended, your hair extensions will last the maximum amount of time in top condition only if you protect them with a hair extensions heat-protection serum . This is the best way to ensure that your silky locks stay that way when you're curling, straightening, or blow-drying them!