Every year when January rolls around, we come up with our New Year resolutions. It is time for a fresh start and to look forward to the future and this means figuring out how we you can accomplish our goals. For many people that are stuck in a job they don’t enjoy anymore, the New Year is a chance to change their career path and move in a different direction. Yet, it can be difficult to know exactly what career goals you want to work towards.

But, don’t worry; here at Studio58 we have a great idea! We offer a range of fully accredited hair extension courses. This means that if you are a hairdresser and want to branch out and learn new skills, you can have access to the materials that you need to become an expert on hair extension fitting. In addition, our courses are designed to be easy to understand, which means you can gain your certificate without any prior hairdressing experience; it can be a completely new path for you!

All of our courses use a full HD video tutorial format, which makes it easy to see what you need to learn, along with a detailed training manual provided. Since our hair extension courses are all online distance learning, you don’t have to give up your job just yet. You can work at your own pace and at a time that suits you. Before you know it, you could start your own business! Once you pass the assessment, you will receive a certificate for your efforts.

So, what kind of hair extension courses can you choose to further your career for the New Year? Let’s have a look and find out.


Micro Ring Hair Extension Course

Micro ring hair extensions are a popular choice for clients looking to achieve length and volume. Now with our micro ring hair extension course, you can learn all of the techniques you need to fit them properly and make sure your clients love their new style! All you have to do is log in and watch the full HD video tutorials and read the training manuals. Then you can practice on your training hair provided in preparation for your assessment.  


Nano Rings Hair Extension Course

When you run a salon, you can always expect clients with different hair types. In particular, clients with thinner and finer hair like having hair extensions fitted to add volume and length, as well as colour. Our Studio58 nano ring hair extension course is easy to follow and you will know how to fit them properly before you know it. The course kit and practice hair lets you learn and build your confidence so you can make sure clients are happy with their new style. Plus, the assessment includes a critique of your work so you know what you have done well and what can be improved upon.


Pre-Bonded Fusion Hair Extension Course

With our pre-bonded fusion hair extension course, you can learn everything you need to know to put a smile on your client’s face.  The HD video tutorials take you through all the steps you need to know to fit beautifully long and luscious hair, with the training manual providing pictures and detailed descriptions. You will also receive a training head and pre-bonded hair with five packs to get your technique right. Our full starter kit makes it easy for you!


Tape Hair Extensions Training Course

Everyone loves tape hair extensions because they are lightweight and a quick styling solution. This means that choosing to study an online tape hair extensions training course will be extremely beneficial for you! With professional training videos, you can learn exactly how to use tape extensions correctly and create a beautiful long style for your clients. In addition to the tape training manual and video tutorials, you will also receive a training head and 40 pieces of tape hair extensions to practice with. You will be ready to sit your assessment and gain your accredited certificate in no time!


Micro Ring Weft Hair Extension

We have discovered that clients really like Remy micro ring weft hair extensions since they offer a quick styling solution, without sacrificing on quality. That is exactly why we have introduced an accredited micro ring weft hair extension course. Now you can learn how to attach micro ring wefts to your client’s hair and increase the length and improve volume instantly. Once you have learned all of the materials, you will complete the assessment on the training head that is provided with 1 x 100g wefts of hair.


Sew-In Braidless Weft Hair Extension Course

Another hair extension method that is well worth your time and effort to learn is sew-in braidless weft hair extensions. This method is different from using micro rings, which means it is best to learn from the sew-in braidless weft hair extension course that we offer. We will give you everything you need to get started, which includes three video tutorials, two training manuals, 1 x 100g wefts and a training head. Practice makes perfect!

upon completion and successful pass result you will receive a fully accredited certificate where you are able to gain insurance to work in this very popular industry.