Ever since the world found out about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, there has been an obsession with the young American actress and her style has been thrown into the spotlight. From what she is wearing and the bags she is carrying to her hairstyles throughout the years, everyone wants to know what her secret is. Indeed, she is very stylish and this means that she sets the latest trends. Who doesn’t want to copy Meghan Markle?

So, let’s have a look at some of Meghan Markle’s hairstyles over the years and see what one is your favourite and how you can achieve the same look!




The Messy Bun

Before she was known as becoming royalty, Meghan Markle loved to rock the messy bun when she was out and about. This is a great hairstyle that you can enjoy when you are in a rush, yet it still looks stylish and trendy. It is fast and simple to create by yourself; all you have to do is put your hair into a loose ponytail, as high or low as you like. It doesn’t have to be perfect since this is a messy bun style. Then separate your hair into two sections and use a comb to tease the hair and create the volume that you like and a different texture to the hair. The last step is creating the bun by wrapping the hair around the base of your ponytail. Of course, to create the length and volume of Meghan Markle’s hair, you can use nano ring hair extensions. These will allow you to create a gorgeous style inspired by the soon-to-be royal when you are going out with friends or even going to work; you decide!

Sleek and Straight

A few years ago, Meghan Markle loved to wear her hair straightened and in a centred part, which makes her hair look longer, shinier and healthier. This hair style is still in and all you need to do achieve this look is use a pair of hair straighteners! You can use micro ring hair extensions to add level and colour instantly so that you can look just like Meghan Markle. Of course, it is important that you protect Remy hair extensions like you would your natural hair. This means using a heat protectant on your extensions to prevent unnecessary damage to the Remy hair. This will make sure your hair looks sleek and shiny all year round!


Classic Chignon

Meghan Markle always enjoyed looking elegant and beautiful at award shows when she was an actress. At a few recent red carpets, we can see her boasting the classic chignon hairstyle. This looked stunning and is a gorgeous style for more formal occasions and when you want to dress up and become centre of attention. To create the classic chignon, simply start by using tape in hair extensions to create the body and volume you need. The transparent tape will not show through and this will also allow you to enjoy some length with gorgeous Remy hair. Then you need to gather all of the hair at the nape of the neck and twist the hair around to create a coil effect. From here, you will make a bun shape at the height you desire. You can secure this with bobby pins and there you have your classic chignon all ready for the party. Everyone will be saying how much you look like Meghan Markle!

Long Waves

The hairstyle we see most on Meghan Markle is without a doubt the long and wavy look. This looks big and beautiful, with Meghan choosing this hairstyle for her engagement portraits with Prince Harry, as well as the very first outing she was photographed with him. While she does have long hair naturally, you can also enjoy having long locks thanks to pre-bonded hair extensions. You can choose a colour that will blend in with your natural hair and the Remy hair looks stunning, adding length and volume instantly. Plus, there is no damage caused to the natural hair when these are attached since there is no harsh glues needed nor any colours that can strip your hair of its strength. To achieve the same gorgeous waves like Meghan Markle, all you need to a curling wand. For loose and wavy curls through your hair, you can use a detangle brush to loosen the tightness.

Taking care of your hair extensions is important when it comes to any of these Meghan Markle styles. Using a paraben free shampoo and conditioner will help the keep the Remy hair thoroughly moisturised, as well as sleek and shiny all year round. After all, hair extensions are an investment, which means you want to make sure they stay looking beautiful for longer.


So, with the royal wedding coming up, what is your favourite Meghan Markle hairstyle throughout the years?