Let’s be honest with ourselves; not all of us manage to drink eight glasses of water every day. Often it is easier to reach for a cup of coffee in the morning or soda drinking throughout the day at work, especially when you are under pressure and stressed. While this can often make you feel sluggish and tired, as well as having a noticeable effect on the skin, it can also take a toll on your hair. For some people, stress and a poor diet can even lead to hair loss.

Drinking enough water and being hydrated is actually very important for our hair. Water plays a role in stimulating hair growth and can actually prevent hair becoming dry and brittle. In addition, long-term anxiety and stress has been linked to hair loss conditions, which can lead to a never-ending cycle of thin and fragile hair.

That is why it is important to manage stress and drink lots of water. Not only will you feel a lot healthier, but your hair will be shiny, thick and healthy too. So, let’s find out ways you can manage stress and increase your water intake.


Managing Stress

There are ways you can manage stress so that it does not affect your hair. One of the main ways is to make sure that you are getting enough sleep. When you are stressed, one of the first things you do to tackle a never-ending workload or a busy period in your life is to skip sleep in order to get more things done in the day. But, not getting seven or eight hours of sleep a night can mean a decrease in work performance and your overall mood. In fact, it can actually contribute to making stress and anxiety worse. So, by establishing a regular sleep pattern and sticking to it to get a good amount of sleep will make sure you can manage your stress better. In turn, your hair can stay in great condition.

In addition, a lot of people are emotional eaters and turn to junk food when they are stressed. Again, this has a direct effect on your hair because you are not getting the vitamins and minerals your hair needs to stay strong and healthy. It is important to make healthier choices when it comes to your diet. Not only is this going to give you more energy, but it will also make sure your hair is getting the nutrients it needs. In particular, try to incorporate in foods that have vitamins A, B and C, as well as magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids. This is all good for the hair and scalp. Plus, eating more protein will encourage healthy hair growth.

Of course, you also have to take care of your hair directly. Make sure that you choose shampoo and conditioner that is suitable for your hair type and has all of the moisturising ingredients to keep hair healthy and hydrated. You don’t want any chemicals, such as sulphates or parabens. The same applies if you are wearing hair extensions. Look for a special hair extension shampoo and conditioner to make sure that they look beautiful and luscious all year round. A weekly reviver treatment can also be a great way to detox and relax before the week ahead and make sure your hair is nourished.


Drinking More Water

If you don’t enjoy drinking water, you are going to have to set goals and reminders to make sure you get your eight glasses a day. If you have been exercising, it is best to drink even more water to stay hydrated. Buy a big water bottle and always make sure it is next to you so you can drink throughout the day. Setting reminders on your phone can be a great way to remember to drink. In addition, have a bottle next to you when you wake up so that you can feel refreshed and revitalised for the day ahead.

Since it can take time for the hair to grow and for your body to realise the positive changes you are making, you may want to find a solution to improve your thinning hair in the meantime. One of the best ways to add volume and length to your hair is by choosing quality Remy hair extensions.  This can make your hair appear thicker and allow your natural hair time to grow, especially if you use straighteners or curling tools. In particular, for those that have thinning and finer hair, nano ring hair extensions will give you the boost of confidence that you need. These extensions have tiny attachments that are strong and secure, but importantly they are also invisible. They are 90 percent smaller than standard micro rings and at only 2.5mm, you won’t have to worry about them showing through. No one will know you are wearing hair extensions! In the meantime, your hair can grow again.