It is fast approaching the festive season and this means that winter is upon us. With a sudden drop in temperatures, as well as the winter wind, rain and snow, we are all quick to get our scarves and big jackets out the wardrobe. But, this isn’t the only thing you should be doing this winter; it is also important to take extra care with your hair. The cold temperatures outside and the dry indoor heating, can mean that your hair is more at risk from losing moisture and suffering damage.

Many people can notice a difference in their hair during the winter months, whether it is duller and less shiny or even a change in the texture. That is why it is essential to spend a little more time caring for your hair at this time of the year. In particular, if you have Remy hair extensions, you want to look after it as you would your natural hair.

So, how can you keep your hair healthy this winter? Read on to find out the top tips to retain shiny and flawless hair for the festive season!


Less is More

It is often said that washing your natural hair or extensions every day is not good for you and this is for the right reasons. Washing your hair too much can strip your the hair of essential oils that keep your hair healthy and without them, it can lead to dry and brittle hair. Combined with the cold outside and dry air inside, your hair is even more prone to damage.

How can you prevent this? It is simple; try to wash your hair less often. If you can go that extra day without washing your hair, go for it. Since you already know your hair is at risk during the winter, you can help to retain its nature moisture. In addition, when you do have a shower, dry not to wash your hair in really hot water. We know how cold it can be and the temptation to turn up the heat in the bathroom. But, for that 20 minutes of warmth, you can cause unnecessary damage to your hair.

Also, don’t leave the house with wet hair, even if you are in a hurry. This dip in temperature outside combined with having wet hair can lead to damage, as the hair freezes. The last thing you want is split ends! If you can’t leave your hair to dry naturally, be sure to use a Hair Extensions Heat Protection Serum before your hairdryer or straighteners.


No Short Cuts

It is important to always use a good hair extension shampoo and conditioner when it comes to your hair extensions. When it is leading up to the festive period, it is always tempting to cut back on luxuries and save some money. But, when it comes to caring for your Remy hair extensions, any saving you make on selecting a cheaper shampoo and condition just isn’t worth it. Often, they contain chemicals that can strip the hair of its good qualities and actually damage your extensions over time. Choosing a set that is sulphate and paraben free is going to make sure your hair extensions have the best care, nourishing the natural hair and adding much needed moisture in winter.


Braving the Storm

That harsh winter wind is not only cold, but it can also tangle up our hair. To make sure you get all of the knots out of your hair extensions, the Detangle Brush is essential. This uses a flex bristle design to gently correct knots in the hair, which prevents split ends and breakages later down the line. In addition, a Hair Extension Leave In Protein Spray can help to detangle the hair easily, as well as restoring moisture and shine.

To avoid this from happening, why not try out a new style or wear a warm and cosy hat outdoors? But, it has been said that some fabrics can actually damage your hair, such as wool and cotton.  This happens by rubbing against your hair and static. So, if you can, try and choose a hat with a satin or fluffy lining; something soft that will feel light against your hair. This way your hair can stay nice and you can also feel warm too!


Some TLC

Set aside some time in your week to give your hair some extra care. A weekly hair treatment regime is the perfect way to relax and revitalise your hair extensions. For example, the Hair Extensions Weekly Reviver Treatment provides a deep and intense mask that will leave your hair soft, silky and refreshed. This helps to replenish the hair and protect against breakages and split ends.