We are all guilty of using straighteners and a curling wand too often on our hair, especially when we are in a rush. It is easy to get into a bad habit!

Yet, using styling tools on our hair on a regular basis can cause a lot of irreversible damage and the hot temperatures are harsh on the hair. In particular, the heat strips the hair of its natural moisture, which keeps it looking shiny and sleek. This can lead to dry and brittle hair that can break easily and cause split ends. Of course, nobody wants this and it means that you have to spend more money getting your haircut more often just to take away the damage. If you wear Remy hair extensions, this can be costly because you are not getting the full use of them and having to have new ones fitted more often.

But, don’t worry; did you know you can achieve the same beautiful waves and curls without having to use hot styling tools all the time? Yes, it is actually possible and all our prayers have been answered! Let’s have a look at some of the most popular ways you can achieve heatless waves and curls and prevent damaging your hair.


The Twist Technique

The trick to achieving waves and curls without having to use damaging heating tools is to style the hair when it is damp. So, when you have been using a shampoo and conditioner on your hair extensions, don’t reach for the hairdryer straight away; instead, you want to twist your hair into tight coils to achieve those waves you want. When your hair is damp, divide it into four sections. From here, take parts of your hair and twist it into more sections. For big curls, twist them quite tight and if you want to achieve more natural waves, leave them a little looser. Then, just leave your hair to dry! Once your hair has completely dry, you will achieve that beautiful style you were looking for. See, you don’t have to use heating tools all the time! When applying these methods, keep in mind that the hair extension attachments such as bonds and tape don't perform as well being left saturated and should be dried well at the root or bond attachment, so only apply this to the mid length hair and ends.


Using Classic Rollers

You may have seen many people over the years using rollers in their hair and thought why they bother, but there is a good reason for them; they can create the curls you are looking for without damaging your hair or hair extensions! All you have got to do is use the rollers on your hair when it is damp after a shower and leave them in for a few hours to create your desired look. Once you unravel the hair from the rollers, you will see beautiful curls! If you would rather they are looser and are more of a beach waves style, you can use a hair extensions detangle brush.  


A French Braid

A French braid is not just an attractive hairstyle you can enjoy during the day; it is also a technique to create the curls and waves you are looking for! When your hair is damp, create French braids in your hair to create curls or waves. The tighter and more braids that you make, then the curler your hair will be. Of course, all you have to do when you wake up in the morning is take out your braids and watch the magic unfold! To achieve more natural waves, simply brush your hair to create the loose and bouncy effect.


When You Do Use Heating Tools

Of course, we realise that there are going to be special occasions where you will still want to use your straighteners or curling wand to achieve the style that you want. When this is the case, you just have to make sure that your hair and hair extensions are protected from the high temperatures. The best way to do this is by using a Hair Extensions Heat Protection Serum. All you have to do is apply this to your hair before you straighten or curl it to make sure that it is coated with a protective layer. In addition, you can also use this before you use a hairdryer after you have washed your extensions with shampoo and conditioner. After all, quality Remy hair extensions are an investment and you want to make sure they look beautiful for as long as possible!  

Don’t forget that if you do use straighteners or a curling wand on your hair, it is important to protect your hair extensions before and after you use them. Applying a Hair Extensions Weekly Reviver Treatment is going to give the Remy hair the boost it needs after styling. This is an intense and deep treatment that gives the hair the care it needs to feel soft and look silky and healthy all year round.