The festival season is a time to break boundaries and experiment with fashion, and that shouldn’t stop when it comes to your hairstyles. That’s why I’ve put together this blog on the best festival hairstyles, from cool and quirky to completely outrageous. Whether or not you’re going to a festival this summer, are you ready to channel your inner festival goddess? Whether you’re using Virgin Russian, Indian Remy or Luxury Mongolian hair extensions all of these styles will make you the envy of the campsite. 

Whether you’re using Virgin Russian, Indian Remy or Luxury Mongolian hair extensions all of these styles will make you the envy of the campsite.

Quick tip: Always start with your hair down and begin to put your hair into braids and ponytails as the weekend goes on to hide grease and dirt.

Gorgeous waves

This style is perfect for day one when your hair is freshly washed. Get small sections of hair, twirl around your finger and secure with a bobby pin. Repeat all over your head and spritz with some hairspray just before you go to bed. In the morning, take out all of your bobby pins and tease with your fingers to separate your curls. Perfect curls without the heat!

The Halo Braid

Start by creating a side parting and take a 2-3-inch section of hair from the heavier side to begin the plait with. Divide this section of hair into 3 equal sections and pull the right hand section of hair over the middle section and then repeat with the left section. Repeat this whilst picking up a small section of hair and adding it to the outside sections as you cross them over. Continue this plaiting technique around the head until you reach the nape of the neck and continue around to the other side of the head until you reach your ear and then plait the rest of your loose hair in a regular three strand plait and secure with a clear band. Wrap the rest of the braid across the top of your head until it meets the start of your plait on the other side. Secure the end of the plait behind your ear with bobby pins and use plenty of hairspray. For a more casual, festival look gently pull the plait slightly to give it a messier look. When trying out hairstyles that pull a lot of your hair out of your face, try using Nano ring hair extensions They’re 90% smaller than a standard micro ring so they create an invisible fit.

The Plaited Pony

Brush knots and product out of your hair with our hair extension detangle brush. Loosely plait two front sections of hair and two sections at the back of your head, taking care not to plait where your extensions are attached. Then sweep your hair into a ponytail just below the crown to add some volume and texture. Unfasten the plaits so you have a loose ponytail and use a small piece of hair to wrap around the bobble to cover it. The great thing about this one is you don’t need it to be neat so it can easily be done in a tent with a tiny mirror.

The Messy Side Plait

When your hair has had enough of the festival life and it’s dying for a wash, spray in some dry shampoo and pull it into a messy side plait. This is a great look for those of us who wear extensions because we can create a beautiful, thick plait right down to the ends. Begin the plait just above the nape of the neck and bring it round over one shoulder as you go. A little tip is to bring the plait round to your most photogenic side to ensure you get some great Instagram material! Pull out a few loose strands to softly frame your face and rub the plait between your fingers to make it look pulled together. The look you’re going for is, “What this old thing?! It only took me two minutes!” For an extra festive look, push in some flowers or colourful clips.

The Beachy Look

This look is perfect the day after the messy plait. Sleep in your plait and then spritz with heat protect spray with added argan oil in the morning to protect your extensions from those UV rays and also to give your hair that extra smoothness and shine, then un-braid carefully. Shake it out and tease with your fingers and you’re ready to go.

Space buns

Love this look! When your hair is feeling less than fresh, get it up away from your face and look unbelievably cute at the same time. Split your hair into a natural parting and then create two high ponytails. Backcomb each of the ponytails and twist each into a loose, messy bun. Secure in place with a clear band and bobby pins and pull down a few strands of hair to frame the face. Spray with leave in protein spray to control flyaway hairs and restore your hair's shine.

Add Some Colour

Kylie Jenner is my ultimate girl crush at the moment. She’s the queen of hair colour and she’s started the trend of bright, bold hair extensions. Colour is a great way to get that festival look. We love these pastel purple extensions but we’ve loads to choose from, take your pick!

Remember to always take good care of your extensions especially after you’ve been in a field for several days in the baking sun! Wash carefully with luxury hair extension shampoo and conditioner once you’re back home and then treat yourself to an intensive treatment.

We always love seeing what styles you’ve been trying out with our hair extensions! Tweet us with pictures of your festival look using the hashtag #Studio58Extensions.