When it comes to your hair, everyone wants to follow the latest trends. But, a lot of the hairstyles you see on the catwalks and runways are extravagant and not practical as an everyday hairstyle choice. Yet, one style that is coming back into fashion is using hair ribbons as colourful accessories. This accessory is easy to use and is totally versatile to adapt to your own favourite style. Plus, ribbons are usually soft and easy to tie, which means that it will not damage your natural hair. What’s more, the hair ribbon hairstyles are all suitable if you are wearing hair extensions. No wonder we are seeing so many celebrities wearing ribbons in their hair!

So, let’s have a look at some of the best hair ribbon hairstyles that people are rocking right now.




When you are running late, there is nothing better than tying your hair up in a ponytail. It is effortless and easy, yet still looks modern. But by using a hair ribbon, you can add an extra accessory that will make it look like you are making more of an effort! All you have to do is brush your hair into a ponytail in any style that you like, such as a causal low ponytail or a sleek high ponytail. For a fuller and thicker ponytail, you can use nano ring hair extensions. These feature attachments are 90 percent smaller than standard micro rings, which means there is no danger of them showing through. Plus, the Remy hair will blend in beautifully with your natural hair colour and give you the volume and length you desire. Then all you have to do is secure your ponytail with a hairband and tie your ribbon around the base. Plus, you can choose whatever colour you want depending on the occasion! For a chic look choose black and for a fun occasion, why not try red?


The great thing about braids is that they look great and you don’t have to do too much styling to your hair. In fact, you can put down the hair straighteners or curling wand, they aren’t needed for this one! A three strand braid creates a classic style that everyone loves and it doesn’t require too much effort. All you have to do is intertwine the three strands of hair to create a braid and secure it with a hairband at the bottom. Then, you can use some ribbon around the base of the braid to accessorise and create a nice bow! Everyone will love this hairstyle, whether you are at dinner with friends or attending a meeting at work.


Everyone loves the elegant style of a bun! This is a no fuss and easy hairstyle, which creates a beautiful style that makes you look graceful and smart for all occasions. Buns are popular right now but you can stand out from the crowd by using ribbon! First of all, create a high ponytail with your hair and secure it with a hairband. Then you wrap your hair around the base to create the bun shape. To create a full bun, you can use tape hair extensions. These boast gorgeous Remy hair that will give you a fuller looking bun and will make it easier to style. The adhesive tape is strong and secure so that you feel confident wearing them and since it is practically invisible, no one will know you are wearing hair extensions even when you are wearing your hair up. Once you have secured your bun with a hairband, you can wrap some ribbon around the base of the bun. You can create a nice bow and choose whatever colour you like to match your outfit and the occasion!

Half Up Half Down

If you are going out for a meal or meeting your friends in town for some drinks, why not rock a new hairstyle to make yourself feel good? The half up and half down style is easy yet looks gorgeous and you can make it look even better with adding some colourful ribbon. To create a sleek and beautiful style, first, use straighteners on your hair. If you have hair extensions, don’t forget to use a hair extension heat protection serum to make sure the heat doesn’t damage the Remy hair. Then take side strands of any thickness from the sides of your hair and secure them at the back with hair ties and a hair band. You can even twist or braid side strands for extra style! Of course, you can choose any colour of ribbon to create a bow that will match your outfit. Then you are ready to hit the town!