Hair extensions have been used by women since the times of Ancient Egypt and it seems like they are still not going anywhere! We can see that all of the celebrities boast Remy hair extensions to create their long and silky hair styles, whether they are at the Grammys or simply walking around time. Now clients are following suit, with salons facing an ever-increasing demand for quality hair extensions.

This hair extension trend certainly isn’t hair today and gone tomorrow! And this is with good reason; there are so many benefits to wearing luxurious and gorgeous Remy hair extensions.

So, let’s find out why hair extensions are so popular and on-trend right now.


Style Transformation

What everyone loves about hair extensions is that you can instantly transform the length and volume of your hair! We all know how long it can take for your natural hair to grow on its own; nobody’s got time for that. So, with hair extensions, you can achieve the long and fuller style you are looking the same day, while letting your natural hair grow too.

In particular, Remy hair extensions are made from 100 per cent human hair, which means you can enjoy naturally beautiful style that will let you reinvent yourself. It won’t take long before you are flaunting sleek and shiny long hair just like your favourite celebrity! Plus, since Remy hair extensions can be straightened and curled, your style is unstoppable.


Versatile Styling Options

A lot of people worry that when they get hair extensions the attachments will be visible when they wear their hair up. But, the good news is you don’t have to worry about that anymore; nobody will know you are wearing hair extensions! With micro ring hair extensions, you can still wear your hair up in whatever style you like without any of the rings being visible. Everyone will just think you have gorgeous hair!

In addition, if you have fine and thin hair, you can opt for nano ring hair extensions, which have 90 per cent smaller attachments than standard micro rings. This means that it doesn’t matter what the thickness of your natural hair is, you can be confident that no one will know you are wearing them, no matter whether your hair is free-flowing or in a ponytail.


Quick Solution

We all live busy lives and sometimes it is not practical to spend your whole afternoon in the salon. But, with Remy hair extensions, you don’t have to do that anymore! Hair extensions are the quick-fix solution that let you achieve the celebrity style you are looking for in half the time. 


No Damage

We all love our natural hair and want to make sure that it is not damaged when we change our style. Of course, this is exactly what happens when you dye your hair; it can become dry and bristle, making split ends more visible too. But, with Remy hair extensions you not only enjoy long and luscious hair, but also healthy hair. You can choose from a variety of colours to blend in with your natural hair, such as pre-bonded dark brown hair extensions, or create highlights with tape hair beige dark blonde hair extensions; the choice is all yours!

Plus, there are lots of Remy hair extensions you can choose from that don’t use any harsh glues or damaging heating tools on your natural hair. For example, tape hair extensions create beautiful and glamorous hair with transparent and strong tape. This holds the Remy hair firmly in place, without need for any other instruments being used. It is that easy to achieve a stunning natural looking style!


Easy to Maintain

The great thing about Remy hair extensions is that they are easy to maintain; all you have to do is look after them just like you would your natural hair. A hair extension shampoo and conditioner will leave them nice and clean, with a leave in protein spray perfect for restoring moisture and sealing the hair cuticle. If you use straighteners or curling wands regularly, then you will know the importance of protecting your hair from hot temperatures. The same reasoning applies to your Remy hair extensions and a hair extension heat protection serum will do the job. With proper care, your Remy hair extensions will look beautiful all year round.