Getting up early for work is a daily struggle, especially as it approaches the end of the week. With the weekend in sight, it is easy to keep pressing that snooze button and suddenly realise that you don’t have time for everything or you’ll be late; should you sacrifice your shower, breakfast or hair? But, this doesn’t have to be a dilemma you need to think about everyday. We have prepared a range of fast hairstyles you can enjoy for the workday hustle that let you get all the sleep you need without sacrificing anything in the morning. Read on to find a hairstyle for you.

High Bun

The great thing about a high bun is that it can be done in less than two minutes, meaning you can be ready for the day ahead in no time. High buns are always in fashion and create a classic and timeless style that is perfect for an office environment. In addition, it keeps your hair out of your face so you can get to work on the latest project.

To start with, put your hair into a simple ponytail and then twist it into a ballerina bun and secure it with bobby pins. That’s your hair done; how easy is that? If you would like your hair to appear thicker and volumised, you can use a mesh donut to create the shape and twist the hair around it to create your high bun. To add natural volume to your hair, why not try weft hair extensions? As well as being an easy and quick hair-do for the day ahead, it can also be positioned at any height you like and there are many variations available you can try to change up your hairstyle during the week.

Low Messy Bun

As a variation of the high bun, the low messy bun is effortless, yet despite its name, it still creates a fashionable hairstyle that is suitable for work. If you are running late and need a quick style to through your hair up, this is the one for you. There is no need to straighten your hair; the low messy bun works perfectly with bed hair or naturally curly hair.

First, put your hair into a low ponytail and the messier, the better. Then wrap your hair into a bun and position with bobby pins. Pull strands out of the bun to make it appear messy. To add volume, use nano ring hair extensions; with 90% smaller attachments than standard micro rings, they will blend in with your natural hair. You are ready to go!


This is the number one go-to hairstyle and for a good reason; it is easy and quick to do in the mornings. Ponytails never go out of style and can be low or high, as well as lots of variations available that you can try. In particular, this is a great workday hairstyle for those with tape hair extensions and pre-bonded hair extensions, as attachments will not be visible. For a sleek and straight ponytail style, use a detangle brush to remove knots and tangles, as well as to smooth the hair and set it with a strong hairspray for beautiful style all day long.

Half Crown Braids

For an elegant hairstyle that doesn’t require you to get up early before work, try out half crown braids. This is a great hairstyle for medium to long hair and means you can enjoy the best of both worlds; wearing your hair down, without it being in your way at work. The half crown braid works well for curly or straight hair, which means everyone can try this one. Simply take sections of hair on each side of your head above the ear and create braids. Then, angle it around the back of your head and secure them in place with bobby pins.


French Twist

If you are looking for a fast hairstyle that will look nice at events or important meetings, try out the French twist. This hairstyle looks effortlessly chic and all your co-workers will think you spent hours on your hair. To create texture to your hair before you begin, use a curling wand and an appropriate heat protector spray to prevent damage to the hair and any extensions you have. Put your hair into a low ponytail and twirl the hair tight to make sure there are no flyaway hair or tangles. To prepare your extensions, use a leave in protein spray to make them easier to handle and add extra shine. Then put your hair into a bun. How easy was that?.