We all know that having a salon is a competitive business and this means you have to work harder to get new clients and keep them happy. But, it is not impossible and there are many ways you can make sure your salon is successful.

Read on to find out our 10 ways to get more clients!



Offer Remy Hair Extensions

Sure, synthetic hair extensions might be cheaper, but they can never match the quality offered by Remy hair extensions. They boast a smoother and shiny texture, not to mention it is real and natural hair! Plus, they will also last longer with correct care and can be styled with heating tools. At the end of the day, clients want hair extensions to blend in beautifully with their natural hair and Remy extensions are the best way to do this. At Studio58, we offer Indian Remy, Luxury Mongolian and Virgin Russian hair extensions. They are sure to have clients coming back for more!

Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions have become particularly popular with clients because they are easy and quick to attach; you can create volume and length in no time! There is no need to use any damaging heating tools on your client’s natural hair and there are a variety of colours and lengths available to suit everyone. Your clients will be spoilt for choice and love the experience at your salon!

Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Clients that have finer and thinner hair will really benefit from nano ring hair extensions. At Studio58, our nano rings are 90 per cent smaller than standard micro rings, which makes sure they remain invisible and give your clients a confidence boost. Now everyone can enjoy long and luscious locks and are sure to spread the word about how great our salon is.

Offer Hair Extension Care Products

Every client wants to make sure their hair looks as shiny and silky as possible. So, to make sure your clients remain happy with their new style long after they leave your salon, you can offer hair extension care products! Using a Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner is exactly what clients need to protect their hair extensions, as well as a Heat Protection Serum if they like to straighten or curl their hair. This will make sure hair extensions stay looking beautiful for longer and clients recommend your salon.

Provide Different Lengths

Another way to get more clients is by having more choices open to them. By providing different lengths of hair extensions, you can please everyone and make sure they have a great experience at your salon. At Studio58, you can choose from 16 inch, 18 inch and 20 inch Remy hair extensions and make sure your clients come back to your salon again for another makeover.

Have lots of Colour Options

Every client will have a different hair colour and wish for a different style. What is important is that you provide your clients with the colour they want to make sure they recommend your salon. At Studio58, we have a host of natural and vibrant colours that clients will love. From Jet Black and Golden Brown to Pillar Box Red, there is something for everyone at Studio58 that you can offer in your salon.

Show Clients a Colour Ring

Of course, sometimes it can be hard to imagine what your hair will look like when it is styled with hair extensions. That is why you can show your clients a Studio58 colour ring beforehand to make sure they will definitely be happy with their new style and colour. This allows you to colour match since the colour ring boasts the entire Studio58 hair range!

Train with Accredited Courses

You want to make sure your clients are happy with their new style so they come back to your salon; so, make sure you are properly trained for the job. At Studio58, we offer a host of accredited courses so you can learn the best ways to fit hair extensions and make sure clients love their new style. You don’t have to have any previous qualifications and you can complete them online in your own time. From learning the micro ring method to fitting tape hair extensions, there is something for everyone.

Use a Starter Kit

To make sure you have everything you need to style your client’s hair right, you can use a professional starter kit. This is going to contain all the tools you need, including combs, scissors, tangle brush and any fitting and removal pliers. At Studio58, we have a bunch of packs that will make sure clients love their new hair. This includes the Micro Ring Hair Extension Starter Kit and Pre Bonded/Nail Tip Hair Extension Starter Kit. In fact, it has never been easier to fit hair extensions that with one of our kits! .

Practice Makes Perfect

We all want our client’s hair to look beautiful, so that is why it is important to practice if you are new to fitting hair extensions or want to brush up on your skills. Now you can practice your technique with Studio58 Practice Hair to make sure you are the best you can be! Our practice hair is synthetic so costs are kept low to practice on training blocks ..