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Hair Extension Courses

Online Accredited Courses

Micro RingHair Extensions

Our micro ring hair extensions offer long lasting length & volume to client hair without the need for heat, chemicals or glue.

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Nano RingHair Extensions

Our Nano Ring hair extensions are perfect for finer hair types that desire a longer and volumized style. Trade accounts are available.

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TapeHair Extensions

This popular product uses a safe tape method near to the hair roots, you can add length and volume without any heating tools or glue.

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Pre-BondedHair Extensions

Pre-bonded nail tip hair extensions attach to sections of hair to create a volumised, long and free-flowing hairstyle.

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Welcome to Studio58 Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions for sale at Studio 58 Hair Extensions

Studio 58 is a leading supplier of high-quality hair extensions and online courses to the trade and retail industry. No matter what length, colour or hair type you desire, we have a huge range of gorgeous hair extensions for sale to give you the glamorous head of hair you deserve! At Studio 58 Hair Extensions, we stock three types of luxurious hair, including Virgin Russian, Indian Remy and Luxury Mongolian. Each is made from 100% human hair, guaranteed to blend in with your natural hair with ease. Let’s take a look at each hair type.

Online Courses

At Studio 58 Hair Extensions, we have a range of online accredited hair extension courses for sale to help you kick start your career in hair extensions.All online courses are accredited by Towergate Health & Beauty enabling you to obtain full liability insurance when offering hair extension services to paying clients. You will also receive a certificate upon completion.Courses we have available are: Micro Ring, Nano Rings, Pre Bonded, Tape, Weft and Braidless Weft - all are available with a discount when purchasing multiple courses at once. No matter what you need, Studio 58 Hair Extensions is here to provide you with everything to get the hair you’ve been dreaming of. Our extensions are for sale in a huge range of colours, ranging from Bleach Blonde to Jet Black, with bright colours like Pillarbox Red in between - take a look today!

Indian Remy hair extensions for sale at Studio 58

Indian Remy hair extensions are some of the most popular on the market; each set is made from 100% human hair that hasn’t be coloured or treated to ensure natural glamour. Indian Remy is collected directly from a woman’s head, meaning the cuticles are intact, allowing the hair to flow in the same direction with minimal strays. Indian Remy is renowned for its luxurious texture, ideal for making anyone feel a million dollars. We have Indian Remy extensions for sale in 16 inch, 18 inch and 20 inch lengths, each with a variety of bonds to choose from.

Luxury Mongolian hair extensions for sale at Studio 58

Luxury Mongolian hair extensions are ideal for those with naturally wavy hair, as the thicker texture effortlessly blends in with those who have coarse hair. Mongolian is more durable than Indian Remy, but lighter than Chinese hair, offering gorgeously long and soft hair. Mongolian also contains virgin hair, meaning it hasn’t be dyed or treated, ensuring you receive luxurious natural hair. >At Studio 58, we have Luxury Mongolian hair extensions for sale in a range of colours with a variety of bonds including tape and weft. Different lengths are also available.

Virgin Russian hair extensions for sale at Studio 58

Virgin Russian hair extensions are ethically sourced from Belarus, Ukraine and other areas around Serbia and Russia. Virgin Russian hair has never been treated or dyed, and it is sourced with the cuticles still intact to ensure all the hair flows in one direction with no strays. We have a range of Virgin Russian hair extensions for sale, including nail tip and micro ring hair extensions in 20 inch length.

Hair Extension Bonds available at Studio 58

Micro Ring:Micro ring hair extensions are less damaging to your natural hair, as they don’t require heat during fitting, unlike pre bonded extensions. This method is quick and easy to fit, as well as to remove, thanks to simple fittings that use small aluminium rings to secure each strand to your natural hair. Buy micro ring hair extensions from Studio 58. Nano Ring: Nano rings are a new fitting method in the hair extension industry, ideal for those with fine hair as the bonds are so small. Nano ring bonds are around 90% smaller than a micro ring, offering a discreet option for hair extensions. Buy nano ring hair extensions from Studio 58. Pre Bonded: Pre bonded hair extensions are one of the most traditional hair extension fitting methods, using melted keratin bonds to keep the hair in place. This tried and tested method is ideal for anyone looking for extensions, as the bonds are small and discreet. Buy pre bonded hair extensions now. Tape: Tape hair extensions don’t use heat during the fitting process, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your natural hair. The bonds are ‘sandwiched’ between strands of natural hair to create a stable and secure fitting that won’t become loose.

Care Products

As well as quality hair extensions, we also sell a huge range of hair extension care products to help you make the most of you new gorgeous hair. From hair extensions detangle brushes to a huge range of nourishing shampoos and conditioners, we have everything you need to prolong the wear of your hair extensions.

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